Moving Supplies

Five Star Moving, Inc. offers a wide range of moving supplies to protect your valuables during the move.

Packing Boxes and Cartons

1.5 Cubic Foot Carton Small carton is ideal for heavier items such as books and compact disks.
3.0 Cubic Foot Carton Medium-sized carton that can be used for pots, pans, toys and small appliances.
4.5 Cubic Foot Carton Ideal for items such as lampshades, board games, and linens
6.0 Cubic Foot Carton Large carton that should be used for lightweight, bulky items such as pillows, down comforters, and blankets
Dishpack Extra sturdy carton for fragile items including dishes, china, crystal, and glassware.
Wardrobe Carton With its included hanger bar, this large box is a convenient way to transport clothing from your closet. Could also be used to hang your draperies.
Mirror/Picture Carton Telescoping cartons that are designed to fit almost any mirror or picture
Mattress Carton Available in all sizes, use this carton to protect any mattress and box springs.